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The first memory of the G. Sinigaglia stadium was the final of the "Gigi Meroni" tournament he lost as a kid. I come back after years for more, thanks to the "shoes", but in the end the common thread is always the same. Yes, because Adidas and the world of football have always had a special relationship. Although most of the adidas OG models come from athletics, it was this world that led them to their definitive consecration. This is the case of Gazelle, the historic model of the 3-stripe brand which later became a cult among the fans. Brief history: 1960, Wilma “The Black Gazelle” Rudolph wins 3 gold medals at the Rome Olympics. 6 years later, Adidas decides to release the Gazelle, although it is not clear if they were actually in honor of the athlete. What is important is that for the first time a model completely in suede is made: at the beginning only 2 colors were released. Red, designed for outdoor sports, while the blue ones used for indoor disciplines. From here on, hundreds of colors and models are offered: the red Gazelle you see in the photo differs in sole and toe, it is called Indoor. The green Gazelle instead refers to the model produced in 1987 in Canada. While, lastly, the black peach from the 1985 release. But why do football lovers like them so much? I could tell you about shoes for hours, but to actually understand the link between adidas and football, I take a step back and ask those who experience the stadium every bloody Sunday. Mirko, a Larian fan, told me: “if you say adidas, the first thought certainly goes to the Borgonovo shirt from the 85-86 season with the legendary sponsor Mita. In the early 2000s I went to the stadium and saw all the biggest players wearing only adidas and of course I only wanted those. For me, Gazelle, as well as being beautiful, represent being part of a group, identifying with something that unites us”.

Edward Zanini


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